WATCH: Philander Smith, Texas Southern Alumna Sen. Stephanie Flowers’ Speech on Stand Your Ground Laws Goes Viral

Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers gained national attention this week for an impassioned plea against a Stand Your Ground gun law proposal before the senate’s judiciary committee.

Flowers, a graduate of Philander Smith College and Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law according to the Arkansas Times, is no stranger to outspoken views on gun laws and gun violence.

I’ve been an @SenatorFlowers fan since I saw this moment in 2017 #StephanieFlowers #arpx #arleg 👇🏼

— Justin Gunderman (@JustinGunderman) March 8, 2019

Following Flowers’ speech, the bill proposal was defeated 4-3 in committee, but could be raised again next week.