Virginia State Alumna Lataisia Jones Makes History at Florida State

Lataisia Jones recently became the first African American woman to earn a PhD in biomedical sciences from Florida State University’s College of Medicine, setting a new standard for the school’s diversity efforts and boosting the narrative on HBCU excellence in training STEM professionals.

A Suffolk, Va. native who earned her baccalaureate and master’s degrees at Virginia State University, talked with WTKR in Hampton Roads about her accomplishment.

“It’s 2017 and still an African American being a first has created such honor and motivation and inspiration. I’m talking to people in Tennessee, or California, or other countries and they’re asking me for tips about biomedical programs, putting up with long hours in the lab and asking what kept me interested and driven. I think it’s wonderful.”

Lataisia Jones becomes first African-American student to earn Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Lataisia C. Jones has become the first African-American student to graduate from Florida State University with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. She bravely follows in the footsteps of those women who have come before her, while creating her own path in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).