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Because of your support as a free subscriber, the HBCU Digest has already reached more than 700,000 original readers since its debut here on the Substack platform in February. It is read in nearly every country on Earth but obviously finds its highest readership here in the United States.

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As we approach the final quarter of our year on this wonderful platform, I’m writing to share great news about our content and our growth opportunities. As you may know, our amazing community of paid subscribers has helped us to expand the Digest from a daily newsletter to a robust multi-media channel providing coverage and commentary on HBCUs. Our channels include:

I’ve also recently begun an exclusive partnership with FoxSoul and its flagship news program, The Black Report. I serve as a weekly contributor providing coverage and commentary on the biggest HBCU news headlines.

We also launched our virtual version of the HBCU Awards this month, the HBCU Honors, which was graciously sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management.

As we look to broaden our coverage of the sector and the people who make it resilient, our task is to become more engaged in asking for your support in funding and sharing the content. Subscriptions, ranging from $5 per month to $50 per year to a one-time $150 lifetime membership, have allowed me to upgrade our sound and video equipment, which has allowed our production quality to increase and be featured on national and international platforms.

The goal has always been to give younger journalists coming out of HBCUs the chance to begin their careers covering this wonderful sector through paid internships and salaried positions with the Digest. And this year has brought the Digest closer to the goal than it has ever been in its 10 years of operation, thanks to you.

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Jarrett Carter Sr., Founding Editor