Student Gatherings Prompt Warning of Campus Closure at Kentucky State

Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II has a simple message for students on campus; keep gathering and go home.

The president warned students in a letter sent this afternoon that continued violations of social distancing and personal protective equipment guidelines would force the campus to revert to online-exclusive learning for the semester.

The message followed a video that surfaced earlier this week of students dancing and strolling on campus grounds, which is against the school’s reopening plans.

From the Courier-Journal:

"Kentucky State University is committed to taking all feasible steps toward providing an on-campus academic environment amid the ongoing pandemic," Brown wrote of the Frankfort institution. "However, this requires all persons to adhere to posted guidelines, staff requests and take personal responsibility for their health and the safety of all members of our community. The violation of the standing Breds Back on the Hill: A Safe Start to Fall 2020 guidelines by even a few people can result in the shuttering of the campus for all people."

"Failure to comply with the proper protocols can result in death, severe health problems and the CLOSURE OF OUR CAMPUS for academic instruction," the letter concluded.