Reports: Florida Memorial Facing COVID-19 Outbreak

HBCU Gameday reports that multiple athletes and coaches at Florida Memorial University have tested positive for COVID-19.

The report cites three unnamed sources in its story, who accuse executives in the FMU athletics department of ignoring the infections and growing concerns about a possible outbreak on campus.

The current player said that the volleyball team expressed their displeasure with returning to the court as early as this summer. The student-athlete says that Ernest Jones, the school’s Director of Athletics, threatened to take their scholarships if they didn’t compete.

“He basically made us play because our scholarship was at risk. Without the scholarship we cannot study, we cannot play. The whole team is international, basically, just one player is from here. So we really need the scholarships.”

The story comes one week after FMU postponed a scheduled football game due to “COVID-19 concerns,” but is scheduled to play this Saturday against St. Thomas for homecoming.