Lincoln (Mo.) Severs Ties With Fundraising Foundation

Lincoln University of Missouri officials today announced that the school is severing ties with the Lincoln University Foundation, but are refusing comment on what caused the separation or the reaction from university executives.

An unattributed statement provided to media members outlines the university’s new fundraising infrastructure which began last December when the partnership with the foundation expired.

Lincoln University has streamlined its donor relations by consolidating the process inside the University consistent with best practices. This fundraising structure is one used by most leading institutions of higher education. Going forward, all donations will be made directly to Lincoln University through its Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations. Donors can be assured that their gifts will go directly to Lincoln University’s priorities and according to the donors’ personal wishes. In addition, Lincoln University donors can have complete confidence that their gifts will be used effectively and efficiently to support the University and its students.

We are very grateful for the financial and other support that our alumni and friends provide to help our students and to move the University forward. Donors have played an instrumental role in providing many students with access to a college education.

Statement from Lincoln University

According to a 2016-17 financial audit, the Foundation provided more than $467,000 to the university in scholarships and direct payments.

The development follows a similar separation at Oakwood University, which last spring split with its alumni association after the organization lost its tax-exempt status.