Is Nathan Haymer Out as Southern Human Jukebox Band Director?

Multiple sources within Southern University’s administration and alumni federation membership say that an emergency meeting was called this morning between SU System Executive Vice President and Vice Chancellor of the SUBR flagship campus James Ammons, and officials and students from the university’s Human Jukebox Marching Band.

The meeting stems from what sources say was a demand made by the campus’ executive office for Haymer to submit his resignation or to face termination. These allegations come just one month after reports surfaced in local media about Haymer’s alleged efforts to secure outside payments in exchange for scheduling public appearance by the Human Jukebox, charges that Haymer and his representatives have denied and have privately told supporters were actually honoraria standards that are common practice for most auxiliary organizations at colleges and universities.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, Haymer alluded to possible conflict on the campus.

But in a post issued this morning, Haymer outright denies resigning from his position.

Multiple outlets are citing a report from the Southern Digest about the possible resignation, but no official word has been published by Haymer or the university as of this report.

A Southern alumnus, Haymer returned to the university as its assistant director of bands in 2006, and was named director in 2014. The Human Jukebox is the only multiple ‘Best HBCU Marching Band’ HBCU Award winner, and has regularly been earned national coverage for its covers of contemporary hip-hop and pop hits.

Last fall, the Jukebox secured a $1 million sponsorship deal with the Raising Canes restaurant chain.