A Holiday Wish List for the HBCU Community

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  1. For federal and state governments to avoid using MacKenzie Scott’s HBCU gifts as a replacement for appropriations. Her personal investment is not a break for taxpayers or in legislative responsibility for Black colleges at all levels; it is an open challenge to the government to do more for schools doing the most to educate America’s most marginalized communities.

  2. For the HBCU community to know that MacKenzie Scott’s gifts didn’t solve any problems at HBCUs in financial aid gaps for students, higher salaries for faculty, facility renovation and construction, enhancing athletics, revitalizing tech infrastructure, marketing current programs, creating new programs, or building community outreach. The gifts only brought schools closer to solving these issues.

  3. For HBCU students, alumni, and faculty to embrace their role in hiring, assessing, and firing presidents and chancellors. The personal or political agendas of lawmakers and trustees should not be the biggest factors dictating the legacy and performance of multi-million dollar institutions.

  4. For HBCU students to realize that the freedom of identity within sexuality, politics and culture on campus is theirs to build and for leaders to encourage; not the other way around.

  5. For HBCU alumni to lead Black communities in making HBCU support an agenda item for every political candidate in every race everywhere.

  6. For HBCU faculty to embrace and innovate in online educational delivery and instruction for non-traditional learners.

  7. For everyone in the HBCU community to seriously consider receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. And telling at least three loved ones to do the same.

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