Have You Ever Heard Morris Brown’s Alma Mater?

Here’s a great rendition produced by recent Morris Brown College graduate Jody Mayfield, which college officials say may be the first rendition of the school song made public via social media.

For all of the challenges the school is facing, and there are many; there is something powerful in the notion that people are still doing things to give the school a positive identity. Maybe uploading the alma mater to YouTube doesn’t reverse the fortunes of bringing the school back as a hub for learning and workforce development, but it shows that people still care about what Morris Brown is and could have been.

Several organizations are working to preserve buildings on the campus, and most of the people aware of its campaign for survival understand that even with restored accreditation, renovated buildings and an infusion of cash to rehire faculty and staff, the school would still have far to travel to indicate that its not closed, as many folks in Georgia and beyond believe the school to be.

Morris Brown is like a living HBCU artifact in that walking across the campus still gives you some glimpses of college life. Some consider that to be disheartening; almost counterproductive to the notion of letting old things pass away in favor of new things that are necessary for progress, particularly for black folks.

And some people think that its a sign of never giving up, of remaining faithful for divine providence even over a manmade catastrophe.

Survival isn’t a bad thing. And neither is a beautiful song on YouTube.