Hampton Poll: Virginia Voters Would Choose Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

A poll released today by the Hampton University Center for Public Policy reveals that most Virginians would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in a general presidential election.

The poll, which surveyed 500 registered voters in Virginia who planned to vote in November’s general election, suggests that Trump would place dead last in categories of trustworthiness and preference over other democratic and republican candidates in the general field. From the release:


When asked if the election for President were held today, in a head-to-head matchup between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, Virginians chose Clinton (48%) over Trump (39%) by 11 points. The outcome was similar for the match-up between Sanders (48%) and Trump (39%).

The poll points out that Clinton cannot seem to shake the stigma of being considered untrustworthy. When the question of Clinton’s trustworthiness was posed — 56% of the likely voters in Virginia surveyed in the CPP poll said Clinton is not trustworthy. Only 42% said that she is trustworthy. On that same question of trustworthiness Clinton’s rival Sanders’ polled significantly higher at 59%. That’s an 18-point difference.