Black Republicans Say Donald Trump Can Make HBCUs Great Again…But Ya’ll Playing

So can we now have the conversation about holding Democrats accountable?

So can we now have the conversation about holding Democrats accountable?

Yesterday, the United Negro College Fund and a slew of its member institutions, with the blessing of key black federal lawmakers, partnered with the White House Initiative on HBCUs to launch a Twitter campaign aimed at convincing Congress to appropriate at least $5 million towards the preservation of historic buildings on HBCU campuses.

UNCF is calling on HBCU alumni, supporters and advocates to email or tweet your Senators today and ask them to fund the…

In a nutshell, schools under imminent threat of closure by way of unstable enrollment, drastic cuts in federal and state funding, and an assault on black colleges from the US Department of Education seeking to promote community colleges as a better and cheaper alternative, say that renovating buildings for campus which may not be open in 5–10 years is a smart way to go.

But today comes an alternative view on HBCU development. Interestingly enough, from the Republican National Committee.

There are certain self-evident truths when it comes to black folks, HBCUs, and politics. Our constituents will always vote blue, will always rally in support of black colleges, and will always assume that these two interests are blended interests.

But recent history demands that we take a closer look, particularly at the way democratic leadership at state and federal levels have compromised HBCU capacity in alarming ways.


A historically blue state with a large cadre of black lawmakers is currently engaged in mediation with stakeholders of its four HBCUs, who won a federal lawsuit against the state for maintaining a historically ‘separate but equal’ system of higher education for black and white students.

Federal judge finds Maryland discriminates against its public black colleges
A federal judge ruled Monday that the state of Maryland is perpetuating a segregated higher education system by…


One of 10 states which refused to provide matching funds to appropriations from the US Department of Agriculture in support of Delaware State University’s land grant mission. Under federal guidelines, schools which do not receive matching funds from their states are required to return the supporting money to the USDA.

Report Reveals 10 States Have Withheld Over $50 Million in HBCU Funding
Research shows disparity in state funding to HBCUs and predominantly white institutions A report released by the…


Facing glaring deficits caused by plummeting enrollment, and drastic state funding cuts, Cheyney University could be the next HBCU to face closure or merger under increasing financial and political pressure in the state.

America's Oldest Black College Could Face Financial Collapse
HARRISBURG, Penn., Dec 17 (Reuters) - The nation's oldest black college, Cheyney University, one of Pennsylvania's 14…

Forget the south, where conservatives are expected to try and kill off black institutions; these are just the states with recent histories of democratic leadership over the last 15–20 years, not to mention the continuing disdain for black colleges from the Obama Administration.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: A Breakdown of the Federal Strategy to Close HBCUs

Donald Trump spit an ill-timed, inconvenient, statistically bogus half-truth a few weeks ago, but on the subject of HBCU support specifically, there is a seed of accuracy in his remarks.

When it comes to equitable funding for HBCUs, and for southern states being held to federal account for their mistreatment of HBCUs, what do we really have to lose in making the next president responsible for what happens to black colleges?

Hillary Clinton is likely to drag Trump in the general election and deservedly so; he has proven himself to be the most dangerous kind of old white guy with money and privilege, but doesn’t even bother to build the savvy or intellect that most racist white guys with power accrue to hide their true intentions.

But it’s worth noting that while Trump has made no promises to HBCUs, Clinton’s college proposal has little hope of benefiting black colleges as she has promised it will. Even Democrats, specifically South Carolina State University grad James Clyburn, say it has no chance of passing.

Clyburn Endorses Clinton: There Are No Free Lunches, So There Will Be No Free Education
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), a senior House Democrat, explains why he endorsed Hillary Clinton in appearance on MSNBC…

So even with all of the HBCU campus appearances, the impressive slate of black surrogates and the full benefit of running against an unelectable opponent, there is no reason to project that a Clinton presidency will do anything different for HBCUs than what an Obama presidency has yielded; an arm’s length, silent engagement with black colleges that will be devoid of the outright disrespect Obama delivered throughout his eight years of telling HBCUs to quit complaining, to get our graduation rates up, to stop being cynical, and to be better fathers without mountains of school loan debt and degrees that don’t pay off with good jobs.

ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’ Faces a Presidential ‘L’ With HBCU Town Hall
Hopefully, it is the last chapter in Obama’s sad relationship with black

Trump may have disqualified himself, and Clinton hasn’t earned it. So isn’t it time for HBCU advocates to actually speak up about the BS we see killing our schools?

What the hell do we have to lose?