Arguing with Kappas, Howard's President Talks Coronavirus, and the Return of Digest After Dark

I had the recent privilege of doing what I would consider an exclusive interview with Wiley College President Herman Felton for Episode 19 of the Higher Education Leadership Foundation’s ‘Forethoughts of our Founders’ podcast. I call it exclusive because I rarely do interviews about myself, and rarely talk for more than 90 minutes in any given setting. But I’m exceedingly glad that I did so here and I hope it provides insight into why the Digest was created, what I aspire to do with the Digest, and why I tend to argue with Kappas.

Howard President Wayne Frederick Discusses the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Frederick provides exclusive details about how the campus moved towards evacuation, distance learning and canceling major events, the essential nature of the university in federal crisis response, and the critical role that Howard Hospital plays in the emergent healthcare needs of Washington D.C.

Digest After Dark - Why Are Y’all Still Going Outside in Detroit?

Digest After Dark returns with a conversation about HBCU life under quarantine, and how campuses may have to adapt to new academic and student life norms.